Fulfilled: Living and Leading With Unusual Wisdom, Peace, and Joy

by Kirk Byron Jones. Abingdon Press, 2013.
Large fulfilled

The demands and stresses of pastoral leadership can drain a professional church leader dry. Where can one find ongoing spiritual empowerment that keeps the tanks full and not running on empty? A sustained vitality in leadership is possible through developing stillness, awareness, and playfulness, which result in peace, wisdom, and joy. The first three chapters practically and theologically deal with capturing stillness, finding ways to incorporate it into all of life, and discovering how this practice makes for effective leadership. Chapters 4-6 encourage heightened awareness of God’s activity in all of life, operating in that state of mind and heart, and how that plays out in leadership. Chapters 7-9 explore the often ignored practice of play. It is viewed as a spiritual practice that needs to be purposefully employed and developed. Doing so unleashes creativity and new energy. Professional church leaders will feel ministered to and will find renewal and refreshment from this source.