G.L.U.E. Training Manual: Giving, Loving, Understanding, Encouraging

by Kimberley S. Luurtsema, Barbara J. Newman. CLC Network Publications, 2009.
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Giving, loving, understanding and encouraging (G.L.U.E.) those with disabilities in your congregation is the focus of this training program. The manual provides processes and resources aimed at doing ministry with, instead of to, people with disabilities and their families. Topics include why a congregation should, and how a congregation can, create an environment of inclusion. An optional training DVD also includes interviews with theologians, parents and advocates. This robust training provides not only the rationale for inclusion, but a number of practical documents and forms that cover everything from a coordinator job description to informational sheets, surveys, permission forms, idea sheets, medical release forms and more. While written for a Christian context, this training could benefit any congregation seeking to develop a greater level of involvement of those with disabilities into the life of its community. The author, Barbara Newman, is Director of the Christian Learning Center Network Church Services Division.