Gift Acceptance Policies

Salida Presbyterian Church, 2016. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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A Gift Acceptance Policy governs a congregation’s receipt of donations, especially deferred donations, designated donations, and gifts of real or personal property. Many congregations will find it helpful to consider one or more sample or example gift acceptance policies in order to prepare their own. This example, from Salida First Presbyterian Church in Colorado, begins with a purpose statement rooted in the church’s mission and establishes a congregational Gift Acceptance Committee under the direction of the church’s governing body called The Session. This policy discusses unrestricted and restricted gifts, also known as undesignated and designated gifts, and it carefully outlines various types of gifts and criteria for determining their acceptance and use by the church. Congregations of any tradition will find this example helpful as a starting place from which to adapt a policy relevant to their particular setting. Denominational congregations may find a judicatory offers resources on gift acceptance policies. The Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Washington created a {{template |}} for its congregations that may be adapted by congregations of other traditions. Similarly, the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church offers a useful {{sample |}} from which to adapt a policy.