Giving Gardening: Tips and Best Practices

Solid Ground. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Faith-based community gardens almost always have a “giving” component. They ask gardeners to pledge a percentage of their produce to the poor, or encourage people to ‘plant a row for the hungry’, or they dedicate the entire harvest to a local food bank. This document from a Seattle-based food and nutrition group helps congregations make the most of their “giving gardens.” It addresses unique organizational and communication issues. For example, it describes a simple system of movable signs that lets gardeners know when it is alright to harvest from others’ plots. There are practical tips on soil building, pest management and maximizing growing space. There is even advice on when to harvest and how to keep produce fresh until delivery. Note that the planting calendar and recommended donation sites are Seattle-specific, but these can be adapted for other locales. The produce donation form is a nice template for record keeping.