God's House is Our House: Re-imagining the Environment for Worship

by Richard S. Vosko. Liturgical Press, 2006.
Large gods house

Much has changed for Roman Catholics since Vatican II, including the understanding of how worship space looks and feels. Father Vosko specializes in church design, and he addresses these changes and more as he delves into the sometimes contentious subject of the form and function of church architecture, the role of the baptized, and liturgy and worship styles. Vosko first summarizes a twelve-step process appropriate for church renovation or construction projects. Steps include working with an architect, embracing congregational input, and celebrating the completed project. “Building blocks,” “building plans,” and “further planning” constitute the rest of the book. Here Vosko accounts for the reasoning behind different types of church design, identifies Roman Catholic worship space requirements, and addresses several practical issues, such as stewardship and creating an environmentally-friendly facility. Though the book is Roman Catholic, other liturgical congregations can find much to appreciate in this thorough and gracious work.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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