Helping Our Children Grow in Faith: How the Church Can Nurture the Spiritual Development of Kids

by Robert Keeley. Baker Books, 2008.
Large helping children grow in faith

“How do we explain our faith to children in ways that are simple enough for children to understand but, (also) help them develop a deep faith that is able to stand up to the questions that they will ask?” Arguing that effective faith formation is the purview of the entire congregation, parent, educator and children’s ministry director, Robert Keeley, discusses six principles that he asserts will help children develop a “three-dimensional” faith. These include the need to be nurtured by more than just parents, and the need to be involved in the whole life of the congregation. Each principle is viewed through biblical and scholarly lenses as well as the author’s own experience. A list of recommended children’s picture books appears in the appendix. This resource is addressed to pastors, parents, religious educators and congregational leaders.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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