Hispanic Ministries Bilingual VBS Curriculum Archive

Whitewater Valley Presbytery and Northern Quintana Roo Presbytery (Mexico).
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When the need arose for Vacation Bible School curricula to strengthen the partnership between Presbyteries in Indianapolis, Indiana and in Northern Quintana Roo, Mexico, the two groups worked together to develop it. From year to year, current material is used in congregations in both countries but the entire collection has been archived and is available for congregations seeking resources in English and Spanish to download. Courses include: 2011 Bilingual VBS Curriculum - "God the Builder/Dios de Constructor”; 2009 Bilingual VBS Curriculum - “Disciples Treasure Hun /Discípulos Buscando Tesoros”; 2008 Bilingual VBS Curriculum - “God's Heroes/Héroes de Dios”; 2007 Bilingual VBS Curriculum - “Living Water/Aqua Viva”; 2006 Bilingual VBS Curriculum - “Stories of God’s Love/Historias del Amor de Dios”. Churches outside of Whitewater Valley Presbytery who are interested in using this bilingual material are invited to email Craig Shaw (cshaw@whitewatervalley.org).

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