Holy Currencies: 6 Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries

by Eric Law. Chalice Press, 2013.

The author of this creative book on congregational assets is the Rev. Eric H. F. Law, an Episcopal priest and founder and executive director of the Kaleidoscope Institute in Los Angeles. One of the creative components is that Rev. Law chooses to call congregational assets “currencies”. He names six currencies in particular: gracious leadership, relationships, truth, wellness, money, time and place. Together they form what he refers to as a “cycle of blessing”. Some of what he asserts is common to any number of other asset based ways of thinking about a congregation’s future (appreciative inquiry, asset mapping, etc.). But, on many pages, Law’s language isn’t just new synonyms for constant realities. Rather, it points to a new way of thinking about one’s congregation. Law stresses that these currencies inform and shape one another, while forming a current of good. This current of good can make your congregation more than a community of programs. It can support the holy direction of people development. The book includes exercises and guided tasks that will help you bring these ideas to others in your congregation.