Knowing When to Re-evaluate Your Organizational Structure: Insights from Fast-Moving Churches on Where to Begin

by Kristin Walters. Leadership Network, February 18, 2013. Accessed November 19, 2018.
Large knowing when to re evaluate2

The scenario is too common: your children’s ministry is spread too thin. Your worship team feels overstretched. Twenty percent of your members are participating in ministry, and 80 percent are spectating on the sideline. Your staff is facing burnout. These challenges are big indicators that your congregation may need a change in organizational structure. In this article, a former staff member of a multisite church has compiled examples of congregations that faced organizational stresses and described what they’ve done to re-vamp their structures. Common themes emerge as lessons from the case studies: (1) pause regularly to re-evaluate your structure; (2) understand your congregation’s unique “DNA” to ensure that organizational changes fit your culture; (3) make sure form follows function - and that activities and roles line up with mission and goals; and (4) surround yourself with other leaders. While the examples used are of larger, rapidly-growing congregations, those who face stagnation or decline in their congregations may also gain insights by focusing on the core themes.

Curated by Sandra Herron

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