Leading and Growing Small Churches

by Dan Reiland. Global Christian Center. Accessed April 14, 2017.

“Don’t be afraid of small beginnings; remember this whole thing started with a mouse.” -Walt Disney. So begins minister coach and executive pastor Dan Reiland’s two-part article about how to grow small churches. This reprint from {{Reiland’s newsletter | http://danreiland.com/}} agrees that growing a small church is challenging; however, Reiland asserts, it can be done. {{Part I | http://globalchristiancenter.com/administrative-leadership/church-leadership/24826-leading-and-growing-small-churches-part-i}} of the article discusses three common small church challenges: insufficient resources of all types, the tradition of being small, and too few trained lay-leaders. Hints and ideas for countering the challenges are offered, such as boldness in the pulpit with respect to finances. {{Part II | http://globalchristiancenter.com/administrative-leadership/church-leadership/24823-leading-and-growing-small-churches-part-ii}} makes six recommendations for pastors about their leadership, such as having a healthy perspective, having a strong vision, and finding a mentor. Solutions and ideas here include one way to assess a congregation and questions for reflection. This resource is a good primer on small church growth for Christian pastors.