Leading Life-Changing Small Groups

by Bill Donahue. Zondervan, 2012.
Large leading life changing small groups

Small group expert, author, and consultant Bill Donahue says that from the beginning of time, human beings were made to be in community. From Donahue’s perspective, congregational small groups are the most effective and nurturing environment for community to form and for relationships to develop and grow. Creating and leading vibrant small groups is not magic, however. Skills, knowledge, and practical steps are required. Donahue’s workbook reflects this two-pronged approach: theory and implementation. Donahue begins with a thorough discussion of community, communal relationships, and the personhood of the small group leader. He then addresses more practical issues: grooming new leaders, meeting agendas, and group evaluation and cohesion. Donahue’s work is an asset for inexperienced and experienced leaders from many religious traditions. Reflection questions, scripture references, and anecdotes are sprinkled throughout. Additional resources and three appendices are also included. Interested readers can visit {{Donahue’s blog and website | http://drbilldonahue.com/}}.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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