Leading Missional Change: Move Your Congregation from Resistant to Re-Energized

by Paul J. Dunbar, Anthony L. Blair. Wipf and Stock, 2013.
Large leading missional change

Focused on the intersection of missional outreach and congregational culture, this book is a good starting point for pastors and congregational leaders who are interested in moving a church toward a new way of understanding itself, based around mission. From an evangelical viewpoint, the authors speak of their own experience in congregations, and address the role of pastoral leadership in church culture, particularly in overcoming resistance to change. Paul Dunbar is an evangelical senior pastor and teaches at Biblical Theological Seminary and Eastern University. Anthony Blair is President and Dean of Faculty at Evangelical Seminary. While the book may be aimed primarily at pastors, other congregational leaders and those thinking through strategy for church culture change may find this perspective quite valuable. Of particular interest are chapters on why congregations don’t want to change, and how trust plays a role in church culture change (within the congregation and for the leaders.)