Levels of Conflict - Based on the work of Speed Leas

by Robert Gallagher. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Speed Leas’ seminal work on the five levels of conflict in a congregation is clearly summarized in a short article by Michelle Heyne and Robert Gallagher. Leas, a well-known teacher and consultant on congregational conflict, has identified the characteristics of each of the five levels of congregational conflict and then lists strategies needed at each level. A description of each level helps answer the question, How Bad is the Conflict? On page three of the article is a chart of the five levels introducing the symptoms of each level and helpful responses. This thumbnail sketch of Leas’ comprehensive work will assist leaders in an initial assessment and a plan for management of a congregational disagreement or a full-scale conflict. This brief overview will assist in determining additional resources to seek and whether to solicit outside help from a denominational leader or conflict management professional.