Maintaining the Life of Your Building and Equipment

Timothy O'Malley. Video. 49:00. Worship Facilities Conference and Expo.
Large maintaining building equipment

Veteran facilities advisor and Episcopal Canon, Timothy O’Malley, narrates this PowerPoint presentation detailing the many aspects of building maintenance that require regular inspection and upkeep. Check lists and sound advice equip congregations to create monitoring and record-keeping systems as part of 5-, 10-, and 20-year plans. For example, his safety assessment checklist includes more than a dozen items, from regular alarm system tests to developing a relationship with the local fire department. (You want them to be familiar with your building before an emergency happens!) O’Malley’s range is impressive: Look no further for advice on how best to seal an expansion joint. In a folksy manner with plenty of humor, this presentation supplies the listener with both inspiration and practical tools to make any facility safe, functional, and beautiful over the long term. Clergy leaders, maintenance and property management staff, and facility oversight committee members could find it valuable.