Memories, Hopes, and Conversations: Appreciative Inquiry, Missional Engagement, and Congregational Change

by Mark Lau Branson. Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.
Large memories

Mark Lau Branson, associate professor of ministry of the laity at Fuller Theological Seminary, tells the unfolding story of First Presbyterian Church in Altadena, California and its experience using Appreciative Inquiry. What began as a required report for the Mission Assessment Committee in preparation for a new pastor, ended as a congregation-wide plan for re-envisioning its future; a plan focused on spiritual life, education, intergenerational relationships and missional outreach. The author served as the consultant who guided the congregation in an Appreciative Inquiry process. Members were engaged in telling stories of “best moments” from the past as a way of informing the future. Chapter 3 offers biblical reflections that provide a theological framework for using Appreciative Inquiry in a congregation. The book is filled with practical outlines, scripts and sample questions for use in a congregation engaged in a positive change process.

Curator Curated by Susan Weber

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