Merging Congregations: The Exploration, Facilitation and Execution of a Synagogue Merger, and the Role of the Administrator/Executive Director in the Process

by Harvey M. Brenner. National Association of Temple Administration, 2008. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large merging congregations

Literature on synagogue mergers is hard to find. In this contribution, merger administrator, Brenner, offers insights and practical tools to guide leaders thru the intricacies of the merger process. Drawing upon his own experience, Brenner addresses a wide range of considerations. Among them are areas in the life of participant congregations that need to be negotiated, and keys to relationship-building between partner communities. Chapters discuss the leadership process, planning, steps to implementation, and communications. Appendices include a self-assessment questionnaire, sample meeting notes and correspondence, and templates of important forms. The bibliography lists multiple resources for further exploration. Merging Congregations can be downloaded free of charge and can serve as the basis for study and administration. While addressed to a Jewish audience, its insights, particularly those related to the position of merger administrator, could benefit a wider audience.