Millennial Ministry: It’s Time We Drop the Adjective

by Aileen Lawrimore. Baptist News Global, August 24, 2015. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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“Young people - just like everyone else - need godly community,” asserts seasoned youth minister, Aileen Lawrimore. In this brief article, she offers common sense advice that can help any congregation welcome and engage young adults. Her suggestions come with lots of examples and action ideas from her own ministry experience. First, she covers the basics: let young people know the congregation exists, and be prepared for their arrival. Then she discusses seven tried and true approaches, all designed not to build membership numbers, but to build relationships. These include using social media for instant communications, learning and remembering young people’s names, sharing ministry with them in worship and service settings and, the author’s favorite, feeding them. This article can be used as a conversation starter for leaders and small groups interested in ministry with young adults. It doubles as a to-do list when people are ready to act.