Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness and Their Families

(Robert H. Albers). Fortress Press, 2012.
Large ministry with persons with mental illness

Though Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness is written by a team of specialists in psychiatry, psychology and theology, it is not overtly academic. The interdisciplinary approach to symptoms, treatment and caregiving principles for those who live with brain disorders is carefully designed for clergy and lay caregivers. Each chapter begins with medical information, then augments the discussion with theological considerations and pastoral caregiving principles unique to each disorder. Authors with expertise in each area contribute to sections on mood, anxiety, psychotic and personality disorders, substance-use disorders, eating disorders, autism, acquired brain injury and dementia. Other topics seldom covered in mental illness ministry-related books include clergy self-care, person-first language, the church's response and the importance of faith rituals for individuals living with autism. Available in both Kindle and paperback editions, this book is especially suitable for clergy and caregivers.