Moving Back into the Neighborhood – The Workbook

by Alan Roxburgh. Roxburgh Missional Network, 2010.

Congregations seeking relationships and partnerships with their neighbors and hoping for a gospel influence in their contexts will appreciate this workbook offered by Missional Network leader, Alan Roxburgh. This hands-on practical missional church resource promotes and engages readers in a process of discovering the importance of engaging with their neighbors, how to plan for and implement engagement with their neighbors, and what the future of this type of neighborhood engagement might look like. Six steps are outlined in the action phase, including understanding the context of the neighborhood, assessing and evaluating the neighborhood, and paying attention to the stories that are told. Experimentation in the neighborhood is also promoted as a valuable activity. Additional resources, exercises, and meeting agendas are also offered. Permission for this unlimited edition allows for copying for large groups. The Moving Back workbook is appropriate for Christian clergy and lay-leaders from a variety of faith traditions. It can be used by individuals or in small leadership or study groups.