Multi-Site Churches: Guidance for the Movement's Next Generation

by Scott McConnell. B&H Publishing Group, 2009.
Large multi site churches

The author Scott McConnell wrote this book after doing a LifeWay research study of forty congregations that have multiple sites. Learning from pastors that lead multisite congregations, McConnell addresses several issues. The primary issue is “Why?” Though the answer takes several forms, a summary would be that multisite makes sense when the congregation is focused on the New Testament Great Commission and when it wants to reach more people. Chapters in the book cover other multisite topics: finding the best leader, where and when do you launch a new site, and how to handle changes within your staff. The book ends with a summary of specific types of multisite congregations. This book would serve leaders well as a primary source book regarding not only the “Why?” behind a multisite strategy but also regarding advice on practical strategies. It will help you concentrate on the essentials and perhaps avoid some of the disappointments that others have experienced.