Multisite Churches are Here, and Here, and Here to Stay

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Blog. Ed Stetzer. February 24, 2014. Accessed April 19, 2017.

Here is a multisite fact: If multisite churches were a Protestant denomination, they'd be the fourth largest. Is your congregation considering multisite options? If so, this blog by Lifeway’s Ed Stetzer will provide you with facts and figures. In addition to facts and figures, the blog contains some concerns related to multisite congregations. For example, how does one manage the reality that live teaching will always be more popular than video? Or, many multisite congregations only learn what works through experimentation. So, how do you decide what to test and what not to test? Statistically, multisite congregations tend to spread healthy churches to more diverse communities. Stetzer observes such things as this and then encourages the reader to come to his or her own conclusion about the implications. Sharing this blog with others is a way for pastoral leaders to make sure that their multisite vision isn’t their own private project. Sharing this blog, and other resources like it, will help congregational leadership discern multisite possibilities (or non-possibilities) based on data and strategic questions; not just the vision of one person.