My Top 10 Church Planting Tips

by Aaron Damiani. Christianity Today. Accessed July 2, 2019.
Large my top 10 church planting

Top 10 lists are helpful because they clarify the complicated. They also provide boundaries in a world where we sometimes don’t have enough signs that tell us when and where to start or stop. And Top 10 lists invite you to make your own such catalog. Aaron Damiani is a church planter serving in Chicago. His list is based on what others have shared. It is based on what has been helpful to him. One tip that makes his list is this: gather a launch group rather than a core team. A launch group has particular action goals. Plus, a launch group is more likely to expand or contract as time passes. It suggests mobility and flexibility rather than a once and for all group. Read Aaron Daminai’s list. Think which tips fit your situation best. Then make your own Top 10 Church Planting tips and share it with at least three other people. What are you learning?

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