National Caregivers Library: Caregiving Ministries

Accessed November 30, 2017.
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With the demographic shift of large numbers of Americans reaching retirement age and beyond there is an increasing need for congregations to engage in ministries related to this age group. The National Caregivers Library provides a wealth of information and resources on the issues and needs related to caregivers engaged in caring for the elderly. Specifically, the “Caregiving Ministries” section of this site provides a number of ministry modules that detail information for congregations on how to plan, implement, sustain and assess these ministries. These modules are pdf documents that provide the purpose, goals and objectives of each type of ministry as well as suggested processes, resources, guidelines, documents and tools for assessing need. Any congregation seeking to develop an elderly care ministry will greatly benefit from this organization’s knowledge and practical resources. The site was created and is maintained by FamilyCare America, Inc.