New Small Church: Encouraging, Connecting & Equipping Innovative Small Church Leaders

Blog. Accessed November 26, 2018.
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A plethora of information about small churches is available on this website that is maintained by small church veteran and Assemblies of God ordained pastor Karl Vaters. Vaters’ humor, passion, and love for the small church and its pastors permeate the website. The resources include podcasts, videos, and written posts. Some of the resources are how to’s; others are expository; most are practical. Topics include organizing a community event, making videos, developing leadership teams, and delegating. Other material discusses the definition of a small church, what a healthy small church looks like, leadership issues, and handling conflict with laity. Vaters sets clear boundaries for his website users in his “How to Hang Out” section: “We’re not about theological debates, politics, apologetics, whining or bashing.” This guiding principle keeps the resources practical, helpful, and hopeful. The site also has a “Nametag Wall” for clergy to network and exchange prayer concerns.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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