New Visions Initiative: A Blueprint for a Vibrant Congregation

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Large new visions initiative

The Episcopal Church USA has developed the New Visions Initiative to focus on renewal, visioning for the future, and creative culture change in historically African American Episcopal congregations. This is a denomination-specific program that includes resources for discernment, casting a new vision, and addressing congregational culture. The initiative also provides training for leadership development, as well as resources around formation, problem-solving, finances, and team-building, through conferences and peer consulting from congregation to congregation. By focusing on opportunities for the future, this initiative seeks to “…spark new visions of mission-centered communities and find fresh ways for congregations to strengthen their ministries.” Started in 2014, this initiative is an ongoing effort of the Episcopal Church’s Office of Black Ministries, and may be of use for leaders seeking to make a change for a sustainable, healthy congregational future.

Curator Curated by Melissa Spa

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