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The singular focus of this by-monthly, non-denominational magazine for Christian churches is clear. It covers many of the numerous aspects related to Christian outreach to the local and worldwide community. Outreach offers practical tips, ideas, and articles, all of which are designed to educate, inspire, and challenge churches. Recent articles include insights into why some people remain uninvolved in the church, a story of three congregations who worked together against violence in their community, and seasonal outreach ideas, such as activities for Memorial Day. Outreach occasionally produces one-time editions that focus on topics such as leadership, evangelism, and successful small congregations. Outreach maintains an easy-to-navigate website that has free articles, resources, ideas, and interviews. A few covered subjects are immigration, the changing religious landscape, and how to deal with vandalism. Christian clergy and laity will be most comfortable with the magazine’s focus and content.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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