Parent Talk: Nine Conversation to Have with Your Aging Loved Ones

by G. Scott Middleton. Xulon Elite Press, 2010.

Being the caregiver for one’s aging parents means navigating emotional and practical challenges. When and how should one discuss the need to give up driving, move to assisted living, or share financial information? How does one assess a parent’s ability to clean and feed herself, and what is at stake? All this and more is covered by pastor and senior living expert, Middleton. The nine conversations are just one part of this practical book. There is also information about typical senior health issues, residential and care options, financial planning and more. The appendix gives a glossary of terms from “Advance Directives” to “Palliative Care”. There is also a resource list for further exploration. With the caveat that persons should consult professionals in these matters, Parent Talk equips caregivers for the inevitable passages ahead. Congregations could use it for small groups and caregiver training.