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Blog. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Since 2008, has hosted faith-based blogs from numerous global contributors and promoted worldwide discussion on countless topics related to religion and spirituality. Using the site’s search engine produces between 70,000 to 80,000 results for subjects such as: Asian church, Black church, ethnic church, Hispanic church, multicultural church, and racial church. Samples of blogs and bloggers include The Anxious Bench by Asbury University History Professor David Swartz, “Welcome to the Multicultural Church” (8/21/13); The Deacon’s Bench by journalist Greg Kandra, “Study: multicultural parishes growing in U.S; Hispanic membership booming” (10/10/13); Jesus Creed by Anglican New Testament scholar Scot McKnight, “Challenges for Multi-Racial Churches” (1/31/13) and “Gentrification and African American Church Decline” (10/18/12); and Uncommon God, Common Good by Multnomah Biblical Seminary professor Paul Louis Metzger, “The Multi-Ethnic Church Movement - Not Some Fad, More Than a Conference” (11/2/13).

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