Peace Keepers: A Christian Bully Prevention Program

by Susan Dyer-Layer. Christian Peace Keepers.
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Studies show that Christian institutions are not immune to the national bullying epidemic. Peace Keepers is a resource for educators who wish to address the problem in faith-consonant ways. It is “based on the Christian principles of serving others, raising accountability and creating a safe learning environment.” Developed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and veteran Christian school counselor, Peace Keepers addresses three key areas: prevention, identification and intervention. Several books make up the curriculum, but each can be ordered separately. These include a prevention manual for parents and school personnel, separate lesson books for K-5th graders and 6-12th graders, and a mentoring guide. Posters and reward components further reinforce the aims of the program. Pre- and post-program surveys provide evaluation data. All books have reproducible forms. This material is designed for use in schools but can be adapted for congregational youth groups and Sunday School programs.