Renting Worship Space

Church Law and Tax Group. Accessed April 14, 2017.
Large renting worship space

Deciding to rent worship space involves dozens of smaller and, likewise, important decisions, and it is the additional issues that this brief article from Christianity Today addresses. The first issue is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of using rented space, such as financial benefits and flexibility. What type of space to rent and how to work with a landlord are also addressed. Exploration here includes a discussion of different types of spaces, such as other churches, auditoriums, and commercial areas. The section on working with landlords is particularly helpful for avoiding future contract disputes about building use, alteration, and maintenance. Lastly, solutions for making the space more worship-friendly are offered. Each section ends with discussion questions, making this resource a good conversation starter for clergy, judicatories, and church planters from various religious traditions.