Preaching Climate Justice

by Andrew K. Barnett. Sermons that Work – Episcopal Digital Network. Accessed November 21, 2018.
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“On a hot and crowded planet, we can no longer talk responsibly of loving our neighbor until we fight…for a stable climate and for a just society.” In this self-described ‘general primer on climate change preaching’, Episcopal priest and environmental leader Andrew Barnett shares insights from his own pastoral experience. He explains why climate change is a ‘Gospel issue’ and offers suggestions for framing it as such in the sermon. He begins by acknowledging the political rancor surrounding the climate conversation in the United States, but points out that most other advanced societies consider the debate settled. He asserts that preachers have unique opportunities to reframe climate change as a moral issue rather than a political one. Among his practical suggestions are naming concrete examples of the consequences of climate change and including creation-centered prayers and songs in the liturgy. “Preaching Climate Justice” is addressed to working preachers.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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