Preparing an Annual Congregational Plan Book

by Herb Miller. The Parish Paper, 2009. Accessed November 21, 2018.
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A living, dynamic document is an important tool for maintaining focus and discipline on executing the strategic plan. “Preparing an Annual Congregational Plan Book” is one of 34 free “Church Effectiveness Nuggets” published by The Parish Paper: New Ideas for Active Congregations, a monthly newsletter distributed to more than two million readers in 28 denominations. It provides a template for an annual Congregational Plan Book. The author begins by recognizing the endless education process for new governing boards and committees and offers an outline for a document that (a) orients new volunteers; (b) keeps committees aware of other committees’ responsibilities; (c) reduces overlaps, gaps, and conflict; and (d) helps committees, lay leaders, staff, and the governing board in accomplishing their respective responsibilities. While the contents of the Congregational Plan Book will be unique to each congregation, Miller offers an extensive list of suggested contents, as well as easily-adapted examples and templates.

Curated by Sandra Herron

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