Protégé: Developing Your Next Generation of Church Leaders

by Steve Saccone, Cheri Saccone. InterVarsity Press, 2012.
Large protege

This five-part resource by leadership development specialist and author Steve Saccone taps into one of the most challenging issues for many churches: how to find and nurture leaders for the next generation and beyond. Saccone’s church leadership and mentoring experience shine through as he explores five aspects relevant to identifying and developing leaders: character, relationships, communication, mission, and entrepreneurial creativity. Along the way, Saccone shares some of his personal story, references scripture, and identifies pitfalls and obstacles that young leaders face. Saccone discusses conflict, negative and positive attachment and commitment, and how to communicate effectively. In the midst of being realistic about the challenges of leadership, Saccone offers readers practical guidance, solutions, and helps. Each chapter closes with a succinct summary, as well as implementation suggestions and hints. Both current and upcoming Christian clergy and lay-leaders can glean much from Saccone’s expertise in this accessible and user-friendly resource.