Questions to Ask

Center for Congregations. Accessed July 2, 2019.
Large questions to ask

Congregational leaders tasked with finding church management software (ChMS) soon learn they can’t find the best answers without knowing the best questions. Finding this deceptively simple and real-world list of 50 ChMS questions and 30 questions about congregational culture-how you do things-is akin to hitting the question jackpot. For example, take names and addresses. Can the solution under consideration handle more than one address for a family? Different addresses for different times of the year? Allow individuals and families to choose their own label names and salutations? Accommodate different last names in the family? Distinguish between multiple families with the same last name? And, given your congregation’s profile and way of doing things, is this capability an optional or an essential feature for your ChMS?

Curator Curated by Sue Edison-Swift

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