Religious Giving: For Love of God

(David H. Smith). Indiana University Press, 2010.
Large religious giving

This broad ranging book edited by David Smith explores the connection between religion and giving. Ten contributing authors within the Abrahamic traditions deal with a variety of issues. Each contributor begins with the assumption that there is something inherently right or natural about the connection between faith and giving. But what is the connection? Who should benefit from our giving? What amount should we give? What role should our relationship to God play? Writing for the thoughtful donor, congregational leader, or student interested in ways of dealing with the many needs of congregations and other non-profits, the writers focus on the theological and practical dimensions of giving. Religious traditions included are Muslim, Mainline Christians, Catholics and Jews. The opening chapter deals with a fresh look at some of the current assumptions of religious giving. Each contributor addresses a variety of issues from their perspective and David Smith concludes the study with a set of observations gleaned from the studies.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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