Alan Roxburgh

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Alan Roxburgh is lead consultant and founder of The Missional Network, operating in the United States and Great Britain. He is joined by other consultants in providing services to promote missional church ideas for a growing network of church leaders, theologians, business leaders and clergy. At the heart of Roxburgh’s vision is the idea of “going local” in mission and ministry. He believes that we live in a time in history where the spirit of God is reordering the practice of the church. The Missional Network website provides many resources available to local congregations. These include workbooks, surveys, videos, publications, articles and archives. Consultants are available to lead workshops and consult with congregational leaders. Roxburgh also publishes a journal titled “What We Are Discovering”, which highlights insights, ideas and new directions for congregations interested in orienting ministries to local needs and local issues. Links to available resources, contact persons and tools which may be purchased are readily available and easy to use.