Seeing Red: An Anger Management and Anti-Bullying Curriculum for Kids

by Jennifer Simmonds. New Society Publishers, 2014.

Children who lack the skills to manage their anger are more likely to bully others. Seeing Red helps kids learn to self-regulate their behavior by teaching them to identify anger triggers and giving them tools to respond in healthy ways. Developed by a youth grief professional, the seven-session curriculum is designed for use with small groups (6-8) of elementary and middle school-aged children. The small group format allows participants to learn from one another and practice the skills they are learning. Each lesson plan provides multiple activity options so the facilitator can tailor the material to the group. The curriculum includes a special section on cyber-bullying and social media. While Seeing Red is a secular resource, its focus on character building and its facilitator-friendliness make it a fit for congregational settings.