7 Simple Steps to Green Your Church

by Rebekah Simon-Peter. Abingdon Press, 2010.
Large 7 simple steps green

Rebekah Simon-Peter’s experience and training as a United Methodist pastor and her degree in environmental studies converge as she shows congregations how to become environmentally responsible. Part One is a “go green” process with seven steps, including forming a leadership team, calculating a carbon footprint, and creating an action plan. The process is applied to any or all of the twelve environmental concerns identified in Part Two. Three examples are recycling, heating and cooling systems, and water usage. Simon-Peter graciously recognizes that congregational approaches to environmental concerns will vary in intensity; therefore, she offers three “levels of commitment” for each area and relays stories from congregations who have implemented similar changes. An appendix discusses how to build “green.” This e-book is for any congregation that wants to “go green” but isn’t sure how to begin. It is appropriate for small groups, education classes, and individuals seeking a mission project.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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