Small Church Leadership Network

Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large small church leadership network

As a by-product of the Center for Small Church Leadership, this resource offers small church clergy and lay-leaders education and encouragement to create more effective small churches. Specific website headings include church boards, book reviews, and “The Small Church Shepherd.” Specific topics addressed are conflict and crisis, education, pastoral care, administration, outreach, renewal, assimilating newcomers, volunteers, worship, ministry teams, and board responsibility and accountability. Under “Resources,” users will find a thirteen-session video series for training church leaders. Each video is about thirty-five minutes long and can be streamed for free or purchased in a CD-Rom format. Spirituality, prayer, teamwork, and the role of the board in leading change are a few of the topics covered. Two bi-monthly e-newsletters-one for pastors and one for board leadership-are also available. Website contributors include Glenn Daman and Dennis Bickers. Christians will be most at home with this website and its resources.