Smart Church Management: A Quality Guide to Church Administration

by Patricia S. Lotich. Self-Published, 2015.
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This well-organized and easy-to-read offering from a veteran management consultant covers the waterfront of administrative matters. With tips and tools and “things to think about”, it addresses long view topics - strategic planning and mission-alignment - as well as issues related to day-to-day concerns in communications, decision-making, problem-solving and more. Internal segments such as “Ten Practices That Safeguard against Church Embezzlement” and “12 Things Volunteers Expect” are ready procedural check-lists. Readers will need to look elsewhere for in-depth information, but this book will send them in fruitful directions. Whether the resource is used as a primer or a refresher, administrators of all experience levels can find something of value here. Leaders charged with overseeing administrative staff, resources and organizational processes might use it for orientation or training.