Special Focus: Intergenerational Ministry

Christian Education Journal.
Large intergenerational ministry

Holly Catterton Allen’s guest editorial introduces 5 articles by experienced authors who continue to research this theme. Congregations are one of the few places where multi-generations meet regularly. Relationship building and faith formation can build bridges to unite generations. A toolkit of ideas for an intentional approach to intergenerational ministry is offered. A compact review of theological and biblical foundations reinforces the idea that interaction among all generations is God’s holistic intent. Research on four participating congregations who intentionally moved to being intergenerational provides useful insights into the “how” and “why.” The impact of intergenerational experiences in the discipling of adolescents in the broader congregation is illustrated in a model. The most critical factors in establishing intergenerational youth ministry in existing congregations are explored and accompanied by an overview of recommended practices. This special section of the journal concludes with annotations for ten publications since 2001 on intergenerational ministry.

Reviewed by Jan Goodyear

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