TechMission, Inc.

Boston, MA. (617) 282-9798.

TechMission’s programs use state of the art technologies to connect resources to needs, primarily in urban, low-income areas. Their strategy is to connect people, training, and resources through their three programs, City Vision Internships, City Vision College, and City Vision Internships places volunteers into Christian ministries. City Vision College provides accredited, practical distance-learning online courses and degree programs to those engaged in urban ministry., seeks to increase the number and quality of volunteers serving in Christian social services, offering an online volunteer matching service, making it easier for people to find volunteer service opportunities. TechMission also hosts, a site that offers thousands of free urban ministry resources. Examples of these resources include webinars/blogs/podcasts on fundraising and grant writing, training volunteers, and urban evangelism. Users must create an account (free) and login to receive the resources. The site is not simple to navigate, but full of a wide array of excellent, mainly free resources.