The Appreciative Inquiry Summit: A Practitioner's Guide for Leading Large-Group Change

by James D. Ludema, Diana Whitney, and others. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2003.
Large ai summit

Practitioners and facilitators with a working knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry will find this book a very practical guide for designing and implementing an Appreciative Inquiry Summit. This book, written by nationally known experts in the field of organizational leadership and development, builds on the principles of positive change and the practice of asking positive questions championed by Appreciative Inquiry. An Appreciative Inquiry Summit engages the whole system through a large scale gathering (50-5,000) over the course of two to five days. Congregational teams wishing to design a summit will find this book easy to understand and adapt to the congregational setting. Written in an engaging conversational style, the book offers practical tools and ideas for designing and conducting a summit. Additionally, Chapter 1 offers an excellent narrative on the values and principles of Appreciative Inquiry, including numerous accounts of its use in corporate and nonprofit organizations.

Curator Curated by Susan Weber

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