The Big Book of Family Gatherings: For Parish Faith Formation

by Judy Elliott Dantzer. Our Sunday Visitor, 2007.

Written for Roman Catholic Families, this comprehensive paperback is a guide to activities based on the church year. Each of the 33 sessions deals with major seasons, holidays, appropriate Biblical events and church traditions and observations. And each session is addressed with a stated objective, activities, supplies, scripts and craft suggested to bring the material to life. Of particular interest is the fact that this material is intentionally planned for multi-generational family gatherings. The authors make the case for the importance of the gatherings, the costs involved and what leadership is needed. The book is complemented by many illustrations, photos, quotations, and a very helpful and thorough topical index. While written primarily for Christian Educators, the scope of this work would be an excellent guide for individual families as well. Each session is designed specifically to be complete in two hours. Although written in 2007, this work is not time sensitive.