Equipping Institute

Group Publishing. (800) 447-1070. Accessed September 11, 2018.
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Group's Equipping Institute, an arm of Group Publishing, offers two options for congregations to receive volunteer leadership training. The first is an onsite training program at Group’s headquarters in Loveland, Colorado. In the second option, congregations hire a consultant from Group who travels to the congregation to offer training. The onsite program in Colorado has two levels: The Equipping Church and The Equipping Leader. Each level spans two and a half days and includes ten workshops. Components include different aspects of leadership, managing change, conflict, ministry teams, and a five-element process for effective volunteer ministry. The local training option lets congregations choose from a menu of workshops from four ministry categories: Children, Youth, Women, and Church Leadership. The consultant can be hired for either a half or full day of training. Topics include keeping volunteers, working with special needs children; and understanding the culture’s impact on children and youth.

Reviewed by Janet Hoover

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