The Little Book of Cool Tools for Hot Topics

by Evelyn Wright, Ronald S Kraybill. Good Books, 2006.

The ‘little book’ series is a group of short, practical resources on topics of conflict resolution and peacemaking, produced by the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University. Ron Kraybill and Evelyn Wright are experienced facilitators and mediators of a wide variety of congregational, community and global conflicts. In this book, they bring their vast experience to a practical guide for group conversations in times of difficulty. The book offers tools for group leaders and facilitators to enable people to listen to one another and to engage in constructive dialogue, particularly when emotions are high and disagreement is deep. It is divided into sections on tools for basic facilitation, tools for setting up a group process, tools for gathering information and generating options, and tools for dialogue. An introduction to the Circle Process is included with a variety of other proven tools and techniques (appreciative inquiry, listening chair, sort cards, brainstorming) for small-group and large-group discussion of controversial issues. This brief, practical book will be useful to anyone facilitating discussion of a controversial topic or negotiating a congregational conflict.