The Quick and Simple Congregational Asset-Mapping Experience

by Luther K. Snow. Alban at Duke Divinity School, 2004. Accessed July 2, 2019.
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Are you tired of wordsmithing mission and vision statements? Is your congregation burned out on planning processes that don’t lead anywhere? Do you need to broaden the base of members doing hands-on ministry? A simple tool called “Asset Mapping” can have an immediate and powerful effect on the energy and engagement of your congregation. Luther Snow’s process combines action planning, experiential learning, volunteer mobilization, and positive inspiration, and can be used to facilitate positive group collaboration in as little as an hour. By helping congregations recognize their assets, strengths, and gifts - and combine them in fresh ways - asset mapping can help a group recognize the abundance of God’s gifts and begin to act on them in new ways in ministry and mission. It is a quick, easy, and effective tool for unleashing congregational energy and breaking out of the negative cycles of need, dependency, and inaction. A long-time community developer and former Alban Institute consultant, Luther Snow has worked with congregations and community and faith-based organizations on asset building for more than 25 years.

Curator Curated by Sandra Herron

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