Thinking Out Loud

Blog. Michael Jinkins. Accessed December 17, 2017.
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Michael Jinkins serves as president of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is a theologian from the Reformed perspective. He may also be the contemporary theologian that reads more than any other (think Martin Marty). This blog can be accessed through the Seminary’s website, and a new post is offered about once a week. It is wide ranging. Sometimes, Jinkins writes about a movie he has just seen. Then again, he may reflect on a pastoral leadership conundrum based on real life circumstances. Preachers from the mainline or Reformed tradition will find much to think about by reading Jinkins regularly. The entries are erudite. They will invite and maybe even require you to think about your faith in terms of logic and cognition, and heart and soul. However, be alert. Jinkins will catch you with a question or observation that will linger with you throughout the day.

Reviewed by Tim Shapiro

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