Trends in Worship

by C. Michael Hawn. Discipleship Ministries: The United Methodist Church. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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University professor and author Michael Hawn and Rev. Karen Ward combine forces in this resource that describes and explains several contemporary worship styles. Three of the five worship styles discussed are “liturgical renewal,” “blended,” and “emerging church ethos and worship.” The authors use different methods to analyze each worship style. For example, all but emerging church has an “assumptions” section that identifies what undergirds the worship style. Both “liturgical renewal” and the “praise and worship” styles have charts that describe and connect an element of worship with its purpose. Hawn and Ward’s exposition on emerging church worship is the longest, offering fourteen descriptors, links to five articles or books, and ten links to a variety of churches and other groups, such as Portland’s Imago Dei Community and Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis. This foundational article for understanding different worship styles is appropriate for pastors, musicians, and leaders from any Christian tradition.