Unbinding the Gospel: Real Life Evangelism

by Martha Grace Reese. Chalice Press, 2008.
Large unbinding the gospel

Christian church consultant and former pastor Martha Reese’s experiences led her to research and write this book designed to help identify and address the challenges mainline Protestants face when confronted with the idea of evangelism. Part one explores evangelism-what it is, the reason for doing it, and an assessment of church evangelistic activity. Part two tells the stories of churches who do evangelism effectively. Part three points the way forward to evangelistic activities, and part four is a prayer journal for individual and group use. Along the way, Reese reveals her research results, encourages faith-sharing, and inspires a strengthening and deepening faith experience for all Christians via the many discussion and reflection questions. Reese’s work is appropriate for small groups, leadership boards and committees, Sunday School classes, and as material for sermons. See the {{GraceNet website | http://www.gracenet.info}} for more information about Martha Reese and her organization devoted to improving Christian congregations.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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